Red Mango Franchise Review

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Red Mango Franchise Review

The Red Mango Franchise is completely committed to offered naturally sweetened fresh fruit smoothies, frozen yogurt and made to order parfaits that support an active and healthy lifestyle. In 2012 Red Mango was ranked by Entrepreneur as a 2012 top 500 franchise and also named to Entrepreneur’s fastest growing franchise businesses. Perhaps this is because the franchise is dedicated to helping franchisees make a real difference by helping people treat themselves well.

Red Mango Franchising is a powerful business opportunity, especially with the recent trend of offering healthy alternatives to ice cream, in the form of frozen yogurt. Just as cupcake shops (opposed to cakes) has been an increasing trend throughout the last decade, naturally made frozen yogurt shops are popping up everywhere as people are becoming increasingly healthy conscious and in need of a healthy, yet delicious treat. Red Mango is committed to providing products that taste great and develop their menu items to support a healthy and active lifestyle. Owning and operating a Red Mango franchise allows you to have a competitive edge in the increasing popularity of frozen yogurt and healthy smoothie operations.  Red Mango franchises offer a real growth opportunity to franchisees. It’s a simple operation and has a relatively low investment cost compared to other types of franchises. Franchisees gain support from franchise investors and executives, which prompt each individual franchise to grow as rapidly as possible.

Red Mango, Inc. Franchise Opportunity

Red Mango products are absolutely delicious and actually good for you, offering nutrition as well as a great, smooth taste. Health conscious consumers are on the rise, and restaurants need to be built or change what they serve in order to accommodate. Red Mango was created in 2002 and was therefore on the forefront of the health conscious eating society and began at the very beginning of the trend of healthy frozen yogurt choices. In fact, Red Mango is credited as the pioneer of tart frozen yogurt. The store has seen immense growth since 2002, each year adding dozens of new locations and franchises. There is no doubt that Red Mango has the potential to grow into one of the most well-recognized and healthy frozen yogurt chains on the market.

In addition the trend of health conscious eating, eating natural products is also on the rise. Red Mango is one franchise that offers all natural yogurts that contains no artificial ingredients. Just like regular yogurt, Red Mango franchises offer yogurt with live and active pro-biotic cultures that support a health digestive system.Owning and operating a Red Mango franchise means you are associated with a brand dedicated to appealing to the health conscious members of society. Strong brand loyalty is key, and the Red Mango company culture truly fosters this. The Red Mango team of founders, investors and executives support up and coming Red Mango franchises, offering them an instant connect with the Red Mango brand and recognition. They also make sure each franchise has effective resources and marketing initiatives to instantly support and bring customers into their Red Mango franchise restaurant.

Red Mango franchises are always sprouting up, simply because the business is there and the market has so much room for growth. While there are many McDonalds, Subways and other similar franchises being built constantly, there is an even higher demand for high quality franchises like Red Mango in cities nationwide. Red Mango offers delicious frozen yogurt, natural smoothies and fresh fruit parfaits that taste great. The combination of great taste and added benefits of frozen yogurt, it is no wonder Red Mango franchises are seeing such great success from the very beginning of their establishment.

If you have had an experience with Red Mango, Inc. or a Red Mango Franchise, whether as a franchisee or customer, feel free to share it below!

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