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David Kyle Maryland

Walk down the formula aisle in any major grocery store in America and you’ll notice that all of these products contain fatty acids called DHA and ARA. Before Dr. David Kyle of Maryland began his work, key nutritional ingredients were not included in baby formulas. In the mid-1980s, Dr. David Kyle of Maryland and his team were researching algae for NASA, looking for food sources for space trips. Instead, they found the fatty acids DHA and ARA in certain algae and developed a way of manufacturing designer oils containing these components.

Dr. David Kyle of Maryland had discovered that the lowly algae could produce a component that was incredibly important for eye and brain development in babies, and it wasn’t included in formulas at the time. Thanks to Dr. David Kyle of Maryland, these critical ingredients are now incorporated into all formulas produced in the United States, and more than 75 other countries around the world include them in formulas as well. The work of Dr. David Kyle of Maryland has helped more than 33 million babies worldwide and this number grows every year.

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